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x1 Russo Estate NV 'Green Leaf' Cuvee Brut

fresh, flavorsome sparkling wine with zesty citrus, white peach, and sherbet aromas. More subtle tones of apple and melon come together in a soft, creamy palate with a crisp, refreshing finish.


x1 Russo Estate 'Green Leaf'  Chardonnay 15

soft and fresh with creamy peaches, fresh melon, and a toasted oak finish. On the nose subtleties of toasted oak with fresh rockmelon and stone fruit aromas. The palate is soft and well-rounded with melon, peach, and toasted oak flavors with a creamy textural finish.


x2 Russo Estate Green Leaf Sauvignon Blanc 19

burst full of ripe fruit flavors from start to finish upon opening. With hints of capsicum and tropical fruits such as passionfruit on the palate, it is light-bodied with a fresh, crisp finish, that is ideal to be had in casual outdoor gatherings on sunny days


x1 Green Leaf' Russo Estate Pinot Grigio 19

Lively and floral upfront with balanced fruit and a thin film of acidity to round out an exceptionally refreshing wine. Enjoy it with poached or steamed delicate fish such as tuna or trout, accompanied by green vegetables like green beans and kale. It’s perfect for casual BBQs


x1 Green Leaf Russo Estate Moscato 18

A vibrant wine that comes alive in the mouth with sherbert flavour. It has universal appeal and an extra zing with a mild frizzante effect. Lively and fresh it will suit any occasion served with or without food. Super-versatile wine, the perfect partner to pavlova.

Greenleaf White Mixed Wines 6 Pack

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